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From the pandemic to economic crisis, Malaysia has never seen the likes of it. From the hawkers to grocers and vendors to merchants, many of our fellow Malaysians are struggling to make ends meet and their livelihood afloat. Let’s lend a helping hand by pledging our help. Together, we can make progress happen for everyone.

Progress is possible when we come together

Economic progress is made when we support our own industry. By keeping the SMEs in business, we are helping Malaysians to keep their jobs and our economy to recover and thrive.

Who are we supporting.

All SMEs from all sectors including retail, F&B, hospitality, travel, fashion and entertainment who form the backbone of our economy.

How do you pledge your support.

Step 1

Make the pledge now

Select the business you want to support by clicking on the ‘Sapot Now’ button.

Step 2

Share it to the world

Your pledge will be auto-posted on your preferred social media.

Step 3

Buy and scan QR to show support to the world

Go support the business owner and scan on the QR code provided to complete your pledge.

For SMEs who would like to list your business with #JomSapot

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